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MetaTrader: Grey Label Vs. White Label

Aug 5, 2019 | Blog

MetaTrader Grey Label vs. White Label. What is the Difference?


When starting and setting up a Forex brokerage it is a huge decision if to start with a grey or white label of the MetaTrader platform.


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When starting a brokerage it is important to determine which kind of platform you should launch with. Most new brokers have many considerations when making this decision.

How much are the setup fees? What are the monthly maintenance fees? What are the major differences? We aim to clear that up in this article.

There a some key considerations to be made when deciding between a grey label and white label when setting up a forex brokerage.


What is a MetaTrader Grey Label?

A grey label is a name for launching the MetaTrader platform with someone else’s branding on the platform. It could be said to be the most cost efficient way of launching your new forex business. The obvious downside to this is that customers may be confused that the branding is different to your own company.

If launching with a grey label the partner can promote their business using the direct name of the technology partner on the platform. The partner also has some element of control of their client groups and client relationships in comparison to a plain vanilla introducing broker (IB) relationship. This is what makes it appealing for larger than average IB’s who do not want to undertake greater costs but are interested to build their own brokerage.



What is a MetaTrader White Label?

A white label is the name used for launching the MetaTrader platform in one’s own company name therefore own branding. The benefit over the grey label is that clients will see your own company logo therefore the company may seem a little more established.

A white label is a more costly offering than a grey label therefore this needs to be considered. Like the grey label, the company would have full control over client groups and relationships.



What is the Difference in Cost of a Grey and White Label on MetaTrader?

Most of the costs for either are associated and paid to the developer of the MetaTrader platform, MetaQuotes. The cost is higher for a white label as the company would need to pay the associated fees to MetaQuotes.


The costs are as follows:

White Label

$5000 setup fee

$1000 per month maintenance

$750 per month for mobile


Grey Label

No setup fee

Usually a trading volume fee applies so ongoing costs



What are the drawbacks of a MetaTrader Grey Label?

The obvious drawback of a grey label is that as a company you are relying on the reputation of another company and their brand. Clients may become suspect wondering why they trade under a different brand which may lead to uncomfortable questions.

It is also worth mentioning that when trading with a grey label it becomes difficult to move clients across servers if the business scales and you decide to move to your own MetaTrader license later down the line.



What are the drawbacks of a MetaTrader White Label?

The obvious drawback of a white label is the cost associated. By increasing the cost of launch it puts more pressure on the company to build a business quicker. The $5,000 up front fee is not always affordable neither the $1,750 monthly maintenance costs. In addition with a white label there may be more costs involved such as server hosting costs or bridge provider costs. This again puts more pressure on the business.


  • A white label is a company’s own branded version of the MetaTrader platform.
  • A grey label is using a technology company’s branding of the MetaTrader platform.
  • A white label has more costs associated.
  • A grey label is a cheaper entry to market but holds risk that it is not your own brand.
  • It becomes difficult to move clients between servers once you have started on-boarding to one or the other.
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