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Top 5 Tips To Become A Profitable Forex Trader

Oct 29, 2019 | Blog

Top 5 Tips To Become A Profitable Forex Trader


Tip 1) Be Prepared

Tip 2) Learn from Mistakes

Tip 3) Be Patient

Tip 4) Take Advantage of Educational Tools

Tip 5) Be Disciplined


The main aim of every new trader is to become profitable as quickly as possible. The process to become a consistently profitable trader can take some beginners much longer than others. Here at Everything Trading our aim is to offer all the necessary resources that can allow you to become profitable as quickly as possible. Feel free to check out our free beginners Forex course at any time. In this article we will be covering our top 5 tips that could help you become a profitable trader, faster!



Tip 1: Be Prepared

Everything you do in life requires preparation. This is no different when it comes to mastering trading. It can be said to master anything requires 10,000 hours of training and repetition. While that may seem an awful lot of practice, the more practice and preparation the better. You can start to learn Forex trading at anytime, anywhere. That journey can start today and is a constant ongoing process. Even the top traders are constantly refining their strategy.

When entering into any trade you need to be prepared and have a degree of rationale behind this certain position that you are opening. You need to be considering; ‘Why am I buying or selling this currency?’, ‘What is my entry price?’, ‘What is my exit price?’, ‘Are there any news events that could impact my trade?’, etc. Without preparing for a trade there is no strategy and a strategy is the key in becoming a successful forex trader.


If you’re interested in learning more about Forex Trading, you can learn everything you need in our free Forex course!



Tip 2: Learn from Mistakes

It is impossible to make a profit on every trade. Therefore the trades that finish in the red should be used as a learning curve and an opportunity to perfect your strategy. You should dig deep to try and figure out what were the reasons behind why that particular trade was unsuccessful. Did something change within the market? Was there a major news alert? Maybe your stop-loss was too wide? Or it could be your risk/reward ratio was too high? 

To prove consistent, a good trader will always review their trades. It is key to review both positive and negative trades. We recommend keeping a trading journal. It is a useful tool that can help speed up your trading educational experience. The more you are able to learn from your trading mistakes, the quicker you will be able to cut these mistakes in the future. This should hopefully increase the likelihood of profitability.



Tip 3: Be Patient

Forex traders tend to get nervous when they are in a trade and forget about the reason that they entered that trade in the first place. A lack of patience in a new trader can be fatal. It is quite common that a new trader will scrap their game plan and pull the plug on a trade. This may mean that they ultimately walk away with a smaller profit that could have been much more significant. On the other hand, when a trade is losing a trader may change the downside risk to be larger.

Remember when entering a trade that you have a strategy. You have your targets predetermined, both on the upside and downside. Therefore, it is important that you do not lose patience for whatever reason. Even if you have previously been on a losing streak.

Once you have prepared and executed your strategy be patient and stick with those trades. A future review can be carried out at a later date to tweak your strategy. Being patient is one of many psychological tips that can help you become a better trader. Feel free to check out our other trading mentality tips.



Tip 4: Take Advantage of Educational Tools

Forex Trading education is key to understanding everything about the market. Education will teach you how the market moves and more importantly why it moves. Once a trader has got a good grasp of the main ‘fundamentals’ and ‘technicals’ that drive the market then half the battle is won. 

There are many paid Forex educational courses all over the internet that you can sign up for. We’d advise to be diligent when purchasing a course. There are many scams to be wary of. You are always welcome to check out our super in-depth free Forex course that will get you up to scratch in no time. We’d love to know what you think.

The journey to become a profitable Forex trader comes from a combination of knowledge and first-hand trading experience.



Tip 5: Show Discipline

Another pivotal psychological trait in becoming a profitable trader is to exercise discipline. This is a trait that typically comes hand in hand with being patient. It is imperative to show discipline by sticking to your original strategy. Trades should constantly be inputted into your trading journal. The markets are constantly evolving and can teach you many continuous lessons.

You have to be able to rid yourself of any negative attributes that may effect your trading. Otherwise you are increasingly likely to incur losses. Losing is as much of a big part of trading as winning is. It isn’t enough to take a trade and hope for the best. Every trade requires constant rationale and strategic planning. Successful Forex trading comes from a foundation of many strong psychological traits, which you can constantly tweak and improve with your increasing experience.

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