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Free Forex Course: Reviews

Our free Forex course has been designed with you in mind. Trading can be a fairly subjective topic. The way that we have designed this course is to really get you thinking about certain topics and ideas. We want to align your thinking to an experienced trader. Trading involves a meticulous eye to detail in a robotic-like nature. It is not something that you can just turn on and off. Throughout this course you will start to think more about trading in a wider concept.

Trading can be fun (and financially lucrative), however there is always a risk when trading. We don’t want to hide that and sugarcoat that. Our aim is to really teach you what that risk actually is, and how you can limit this associated risk whilst simultaneously increasing the potential for profit to be made.

We love trading and we love writing all about trading and teaching you to the best of our abilities… We want you to share this passion with us!

Every lesson is accompanied with clear images, aimed to help you visualise the complicated concepts that we are teaching you throughout the course.

Clear Images

Every single lesson in our Free Forex Course is accompanied with a detailed video that clearly goes over the contents of the lesson. Each video is curated by one of our expert traders, who’s aim is to bring the lesson to life for you to clearly understand.

Lesson Video

Our aim throughout this course is to continually link everything that you have learnt back to real-life trading scenarios. Therefore, we’ve added in real examples and screenshots throughout, so you can implement everything that we are doing on your own trading platform.

Real Examples

Our lesson summary does exactly what is says on the tin. Our summary’s include all the important parts that you should have learnt throughout the lesson. If you are indeed every stuck, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the lesson and we’ll get straight back to you!

Lesson Summary

The quiz at the end of every lesson is designed to make sure that you have learnt all the important parts of the lesson. Don’t worry if you get any of the questions wrong, you can reset the quiz whenever you like to continually test yourself to make sure you know it!

Quiz & Answers

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If you have already started the free Forex course, then you can check back up on your progress with the ‘Lesson Tracker‘.

Lesson Tracker

If you want to skip to a particular lesson, have a look at the list below! Just click the ‘learn’ button and it’ll take you straight to that lesson.

Lesson List

Why should you learn to trade Forex?

Being able to trade in the Forex market can have many differing benefits. The first main incentive and benefit Forex trading can bring about is how generous the financial reward can potentially be. We don’t pretend that you will never make a loss, but throughout this course we continuously teach you how you can limit these losses whilst increasing your winning trades.

Being able to trade Forex can open paths that you did not know existed. All of us here at Everything Trading have a real genuine passion for trading, and believe that you too can be as passionate once you have learnt the basics. For us, trading is not just about the financial reward, there is a thrill when you’re right about a certain situation, a sense of self-achievement.

key to success

There are many reasons as to why Forex trading is so popular:

Trade Anywhere: As long as you have a smart device (i.e laptop/pc, phone, tablet) and an internet connection, you can connect to the Forex market and trade from wherever. That’s the beauty of it, you can be travelling and still be able to trade, you can be on holiday and still be able to trade!

Trade Anytime: From Monday to Friday the Forex market is open 24 hours a day! This means that if you work late, or if you’re not able to check the Forex market certain hours on certain days it does not matter. You can trade at what time suits you best!

Different Trading Strategies: Different trading strategies are available to suit different individuals. Whether you are able to check the Forex market 5 times a day, or once a week – then there is a trading strategy out there for you. Throughout this course we teach you different trading strategies that suit different individuals!

Huge Liquidity: There is huge liquidity in the Forex market, this basically means that you will almost always be able to buy and sell a currency pair at the price offered to you with little-to-no difficulty. We’ve got more on liquidity in this course!

Leverage: Leverage is one of the main bonuses of the Forex industry. If you don’t have a lot of money to risk, leverage enables you to open positions of much greater size then what you are able to deposit. We teach you more about leverage in this course, and how to use it sensibly!

Currency Pairs: There are loads of different currency pairs in the Forex market that you can trade, so if a particular currency pair is not doing it for your strategy then you can just look to the next. Different currency pairs have there different benefits that you can take advantage of!

Free Tools: There are loads of free tools all over the internet that you can use to your advantage – like our Free Forex Course. We want you to succeed, and we’re happy to help you at no cost – let us know how you’re getting on and if you’re ever stuck in a lesson just drop a comment at the bottom!


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